Pursuit of ultimate scientific spirit.

In BBD, the pursuit of perfection is at the core of all BBD products and endeavors. 

Even with a cup of coffee, for example, it is well worth the time and effort, to use the best coffee beans to make it perfect. 

So is the product, which shall be made by the top minds with persistent dedication aspiring for the ultimate perfection.

In the pursuit of excellence, we progress through challenges and learn from mistakes.

BBD always keeps trying and will never give up, to achieve more breakthroughs and innovations. 

The best idea has the biggest say.

Though situated in the “hard to say goodbye” city Chengdu, which is known for its cozy lifestyle, 

BBD is distinctly fast-paced, rapidly growing and expanding.

In BBD, the best idea always has the biggest say. 

We appreciate those challenging themselves, and constantly pushing the frontiers of their potentials. 

In this era of dimming hierarchy, BBD will provide you with immense space for developing your ideas as long as you have the talent. 

If you “overhear” the increasing decibels from next door, do not be surprised – the Ph.Ds are brainstorming!

This is work, and also life.

To commit oneself to work is to be able to enjoy life even more!

Tired? Then make a cup of coffee for yourself! A sip will renew all your strength;

Hungry? Mr. Fruit with his daily supply and cakes will fill you again with energy after an afternoon tea. 

Let alone the array of snacks in the slot machine…

You can think in front of your computer, or hit a punching bag for sweating. 

The running machine and spinning will also rock both your body and your brain. 

Oh, don’t miss the views outside by the way. Enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.