BBD is a world-leading provider of big data solutions, and the setter of COSR, the industrial standard of commercial big data. BBD is headquartered in Chengdu, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, as well as a branch in Singapore to serve overseas clients.

Make More Effective Decisions

With the development of technology, big data are taking various forms, and the quantity of data is growing exponentially. What matters to data users is an easy way to interact with big data and to get clear and useful answers to their questions.
BBD is dedicated to providing reliable and trustworthy commercial data service for finance, business, and other related commercial organizations, and helping them to make more effective decisions. By using 10% of time on data and information, our clients have 90% of their time to make the decision, which is much more efficient. 

Industrialized Solutions

In the leadership of Chief Scientist, Ph.D. Zhou Tao, and by integrating cutting-edge technologies, BBD has issued the world-leading big data operation platform, HIGGS Solutions, to provide supporting technology services for industrial transformation. By far, BBD has been providing financial/media/tourist/manufacturing/sport sectors with leading integrated big data solutions, with the potential of industrialization and productization. 

Standardize Data Service

In collaboration with multiple other organizations, BBD as the industrial benchmark has published in 2015 the first domestic industrial standard of commercial big data “COSR”. This standard is dedicated to optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making, by standardizing data service and improving service levels. COSR is regarded by the industry as ISO9000 in commercial big data.