Use acts to portray a company in the world

BBD HIGGS Credit is the first risk engine using acts to portray a company in the world.BBD HIGGS Credit completes the first super-large scale, batch-type, and real-time standardization of non-financial data of corporations. Due diligence, which used to take days’ or even months’ of work, can now be done with a click of a mouse.

BBD HIGGS Credit is able to help banks, security traders, accountants, lawyers, investors and so on to collect and calculate holographic information of a company, including finding and exploring corporate associated relations, looking for unknown related parties, recognizing its capital acts, searching for litigation information, investigating into corporate qualifications, checking recruitment processes, building risk assessment models, and so on.

Corporate relation map-Corporate relations that can be clearly seen

Sophisticated corporate relations, which can be either as simple as corporate investment network or as complicated as natural persons who have various investments, do part-time jobs at different places and have multi-level recessive control and so on, now can be checked real time only with a click of a mouse. All the relations are clear at one glance, more explicit than expected.


Corporate DNA-No more talk horse of the boss, DNA has the biggest say.

Have you ever related the risk performance of a company to its associated relations? The characteristics of corporate associated relations, just like that of DNA, determine the acts of the company in the future. All these acts will turn into different risks in the end. There is no need to listen to the talk horse of the boss, because the risks have been reflected in the corporate DNA, which no one can escape from.


KPI analysis-We have standardized non-financial KPI for THE FIRST TIME

What are the features of capital structure and governance structure in corporate associated relations respectively? What are the changes in the management of litigation, intellectual property right, pitch inviting and winning, recruitment, and so on?   Such information might be accessible through research. But this time, apart from the information,  we can also do quantitative analyses of the non-financial indexes against the average levels in industries!


Litigation information-Can we check the litigation information? Yes, we can!

The information of adjudicative documents, the persons subjected to execution, the person subjected to execution because of lack of credibility has been delayed too much. Can we check the real time litigation information? Yes, you can. Find us.



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