WHY BBD Anti-Fraud

With the help of big data techniques, BBD Anti-Fraud, on the basis of multidimensional and quantified data, builds identification models for special risks through information tracking and incident inertia ; and assists business entities and government authorities in identifying and forewarning financial, fiscal and legal risks, including disclosure of important related parties, invisible related transactions, actualcontrolling shareholders, potential litigation, corporate action monitoring (financial and non-financial), crackdownson illegal fund raising, P2P risk forewarning and dynamic due diligence.

“Fin-Tech”: real-time dynamic monitoring of risks through financial IT technologies integrated with big data processing

With the mass related data of and among corporations and the quick analysis of the computer, Anti-Fraud is able to build risk forewarning models based on the data of static corporate related parties, those of dynamic corporate related parties, and the evolvement of form and time sequence of three-dimensional corporate DNA, so as to help business entities and government authorities quickly identify the highly suspected companies involved in illegal fund raising, thus avoiding financial risks and loss of social wealth.


Make risks visible and trends predictable Ensure precise capture of anti-economic actions

The algorithm of Anti-Fraud, based on the rules made by BBD financial analysts, automatically calculates the featured data of related parties of the target companies, observes the changes of the data and the corporate DNA networks, makes quantitative identification of the risk level of their frauds and their future movements. BBD Anti-Fraud, by inspecting the static risks of the Internet finance enterprises and their risks of time sequence differences by contrast, can quantify the risks of frauds by the target companies at any point, and the evolution of risks of frauds by the target companies during any period of time.