What`s BBD Innovation?



BBD Innovation is an innovative product and solution developed on the basis of HIGGS KUNLUN and HIGGS GALAXY. Thanks to the immense capacity for big data processing, BBD has designed, developed and launched various products, which are able to cope with any challenges or difficulties in any field.



Why BBD Innovation?


 With the open and integrated big data as its foundation, BBD Innovation, as an open middleware, makes it possible for users to access, search for and understand completely different data sets. Analysts armed with it are able to track and trace, figure out the relations, make judgments of trends and work out solutions efficiently and effectively.


Our products, from HIGGS KUNLUN to HIGGS GALAXY, have brought great changes to fields including business credit reporting, legal due diligence, financial pricing, risk management, fraud detection and crime fighting and now have expanded to other fields, such as tourism, sports, business services, education, security, public management, health care, national defense, and disease source track. These products have helped us forge close partnerships with our clients, work out new and innovative solutions, and make our clients ever more powerful to solve problems and change the world. The BBD basic products and big data techniques are applicable for almost all business entities, government authorities and other organizations. The mission of BBD is to embrace any challenge!