Infuse the financial industry with valuable big data

Operating Principles

Starting with multi-source heterogeneous data

The data owned by the financial institutes, which accounts for only a small fraction of all available data, is structured data, whereas such data as for business administration registration, tax administration data, property rights, and lawsuits is unstructured data. It is distributed within government organizations, registration centers and courts and is in various formats. It is rapidly diversifying in types, exponentially increasing in volume, and becoming ever more difficult to use.

Such data is of the same importance for the institutes’ financial judgment. While using the data,they pay no attention to whether the data is saved in rows, columns, or raw texts but lays mush emphasis on how the data can help them reach their goals and cope with their challenges. They need a way to ask questions to their data and receive clear and simple responses, which will be perfectly satisfied by HIGGS KUNLUN.

Integration of Data and Finance

The world’s top experts in credit risk and market risk have been invited to make 

an integration of the multi-source heterogeneous data and financial risk models 

so as to produce a model with an ever wider coverage, a more reasonable weight 

and is more capable of the quantification of risks. As large amounts of data flows 

into HIGGS KUNLUN, they are transformed into meaningfully defined objects and 

relationships: people, locations, things, events, and the relationships between them.

Tag and track all the data

Once the model has been determined, the data will be continuously input into 

HIGGS KUNLUN. Through the information security system, users who are even

in the same organization cannot get access to the information without authorization.

All updates or changes of sources will be automatically recorded in the platform. 

And users’ operations will be automatically tracked, categorized and recorded 

for improvement and reutilization based on their habits.

Bring the data to life for investigation and analysis

Users can do data analyses through their applications on the platform of HIGGS KUNLUN. They can search all data sources at once, visualize the relations, verify their hypotheses, discover hidden relations and patterns and share their insights with their colleagues.

By building a connection between users and data, HIGGS KUNLUN helps financial institutes comprehensively improve their capability of risk discovery and evaluation.