Integration, enrichment, modeling and analysis of data of any kind



Operating Principle


HIGGS GALAXY begins with all the data



HIGGS GALAXY is ideal for processing large-scale quantitative investigation. It contains multi-source data and integrates this low value density information into a unified, quantitative analysis environment.

So far, it is found perfectly suitable for tracking and analyzing data of insurance claims, network trajectory and financial transaction modes. In addition, the results of the analysis have unlimited room for imagination.



A model based on model for model building


With the support of a superb statistical and operational database, analysts will have profounder understanding of data, through building and running the calculation model. 

Simple models can be treated as the basis for building more complex models. In this way, building complex analysis becomes a simple, efficient and modular process. Anything that the analysts imagine can be easily and effectively represented.



Data visualization in all dimensions


The interactive user interface of HIGGS GALAXY shows the abstraction of life in various visual forms. Forms, charts and diagrams, seamlessly interact with each other, providing a single, overall visualized view of all interesting data.

The data visualization will synchronize the real-time update of the source data, so users can see the most accurate and updated information at any given time.


Data analysis continues to iterate, seeking answers to new questions


Since every new analysis is aimed at providing as many answers as possible, HIGGS GALAXY is built upon the idea of rapid iteration and collaboration.

Analysts can adjust their logic and verify their new hypothesis. by retrospective analysis, analysts update their a priori judgment and ask new questions to provide new evidences for the conclusion.

By applying HIGGS GALAXY and via this mechanism, the enterprise will become more intelligent and keep on this virtuous cycle.